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Suzanne and Pavlos lovers who own a beach bar. They gave shelter to Georgos and Eli, a young couple who seem to run away from home. Trouble starts at a time when the Gulf there are two couples - just robbed a jewelry store and they tend as soon as possible to leave the country with all the loot. They take hostage all four occupants bar, and did have fun with women. Later, they ask Pavlos help them leave the country. The same, in turn, is flirting with a friend of the leader, and with Suzanne associated with the police.

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A workout in the weight room provokes a truly exciting sexual encounter for a sweaty Barbie and Sascha. Shauna McCullough and Brett Davis are a duo that quickly moves from artistic to erotic as body painting party heats up to a full Kemtone Klimax. Then virgin Tom brags to his buddy about all the hot women he's had until his friend sets him up for a one-on-one with Rachel. Up next is a seductive encounter between two agents with Amber trying to get Jerry to spill the beans about his formula. After that Christy goes all out to convince Ron of her sincerely in one of the hottest scenes she's ever filmed. And last, but not least, Robin calls up her friend Bunny to help tease boyfriend Steve into action. She gets plenty!

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Gorgeous Lynn LeMay plays Nikki, a hostess of a popular radio show called "After Midnight". In this show Nikki talks about sex and passion and desire, and the ones who are relax and lonely call her and share their most intimate stories. You'll see a story of a married man who cannot forget his former girlfriend that drove him crazy, while his unsatisfied wife has group sex to fill the void. You'll see a single man sitting in a hotel room fantasizing about threesome with two pretty women. You'll witness incredibly hot interracial and lesbian sex scenes, not to mention beautiful blowjobs and explosive orgasms. This is truly one of the masterpieces from the golden age of porn!

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Candice Hart and Raven are two working girls for whom everything is purely sexual. Tom Byron is their pimp, ad for him everything is about the money, although he's pretty obsessed with all things erotic too. Candice and Raven are in their element here - playing young women with huge sexual appetites, no discernible scruples and jobs which allow them to explore the very kinkiest corners of their personalities. They do so with plenty of lusty abandon here, so much so in fact that it's herd to know where Raven and Candice end and their characters begin. Jamie Leigh, that angular blonde paragon to all things kinky and depraved, is also in very impressive form here, and turns in a masterful performance. Then there's Courtney's own incendiary work here, which shows why she's one of the most underrated performers in the history of modern pornography. This is must-see kinky excess from start to finish.

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Don't expect much character development, logic or even very likable characters in this late seventies stag movie from Germany. It's about two selfish, sex addicted people called Ralf (played by an unidentified actor) and Simone (Ginny Noack). Though they are definitely Nimmersatt (never satisfied), neither of them is called Rosie... At the risk of arriving late at the office, blond and bespectacled Ralf indulges his lusty Simone because it's her birthday. Even so, she almost doesn't allow him to leave. It's no wonder he's in a hurry to get to work, there are three women waiting to audition in his office (including Britt Corvin and Biggi Stenzhorn) Naturally he proceeds to give all three of them the casting couch treatment by promising them a part in a dirty picture. Next up he's off to Hamburg by train. He shares a cabin with two rather unconvincing oriental girls which naturally leads to a sexual fantasy on his part. However this time around he wakes up with his head on the shoulder of an elderly lady - who also fancies him. What's up with all these women? Meanwhile, Simone uses the opportunity to meet a shy young man named Klaus-Dieter (Sascha Atzenbeck) and take him home. Being an impressionable young man, he immediately proposes and insists on marrying at the first possible opportunity. Inzwischen Ralf is spying on a couple in the hotel room next to him (Sigriun Theil and a guy) because they are procreating with so much noise it's keeping him awake. A hotel waiter (Claus Sasse) catches him and soon takes his place at the keyhole, giving Ralf the opportunity to steal a flask of champagne. next he visits a nightclub where Gerline Weininger is on stage performing an erotic dance number. This is followed by a trio on stage as well as off, as two brunettes (one of whom is Karin Lorson) go down on Ralf simply because they happen to share the same table. The next day Klaus-Dieter introduces Simone to his parents (Sepp Gneissl and Ingeborg Moosholzer). Mutti Hilde has to leave for church and K-D gives her a lift, leaving Simone alone with Papa Karl. You can guess what happens next. Afterward and with some time to spare before dinner, the insatiable Simone pleasures herself in the bathroom. On the way home she breaks up with the clingy Klaus-Dieter. When Ralf returns home he finds Simone in their bedroom doing some heavy petting with Judy (Jeannie Baker) and after a bit of spying he joins in for the final threesome. Truly insatiable.

Hot Chocolate

While may be very far from the best video production, it may well be one of the most important. Like their colleagues in Hollywood's mainstream film community, few porn producers use black performers in their films. Hot Chocolate, director Drea's snappily edited, shot-live-on-video story provides a rare glimpse of an entirely black cast. The story surrounds basketball and the sexual double dealing of two guys (that's siblings, not "guys") and one women from a local college who engage in all kinds of sexual shenanigans to try and recruit "Sweet" George Brown, a top prospect. The wives seduce George (one eats potato chips while getting laid, the girl recruiter gets him in bed and the guys lay each other's wives and the girl recruiter. The sexual permutations are aplenty. The cast, while mostly average-looking, provide a pleasant distraction from the usual hardcore stuff. But the sex scenes range from very hot to very dull, with the best including Tony El-Ay (George) and the decent looking Cinnamon Dream after George is done working out on his exercise bike. While the thin story-line and one setting (a house) give Hot Chocolate a low-budget feel, I can only wish that others in the adult industry will include more black performers in their films and videotapes. I hope this one is a big-seller and that more follows.

Cherry Busters

A couple rents out the summer house for two weeks to two women. They are invited for a feel, but decline the offer. The two women envision what it would have been like to stay for a feel with the couple. Since, they caught them out in the yard when they were just getting dressed from having sex right under the tree. The wild visions of orgies and wild sex parties.

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The attack of a bank turns into a massacre, leaving many dead. The bandits flee, taking two young women hostage. Unfortunately for them, one of them is none other than the girl of Burke Malloway, the famous trapper.

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The Mike Hunter box cover uses invented names for the female cast. A classical ménage à trois where jealousy gains the upper hand and leads to a disaster which just two characters will survive. The art dealer Giovanni is searching for Diane, a blonde girl with curly hair whom he has met at a party months ago. At his home he watches her pictures on a slide projector. The scene fades to the house of Signora Geli, an attractive longhaired blonde painter who has a relationship with her model Diane. The women are sitting on a bed kissing and fondling each other. Miss Geli then slips a finger onto Diane's clit and starts eating her out.

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Double Heat is undoubtedly one of the hottest classic porn movies ever! In Part 1 you'll meet two best friends who work together in a company called "High Tech Industries". One of the friends is obsessed with sex and doesn't care much about her work. The other one, on the contrary, is a dedicated scientist and spends her free time reading books and thinking over her research. She thinks she doesn't need sex in her life, and she doesn't know that the security guard whom she meets every day at work is her legend admirer. One day the security guard unaptly took part in an experiment that went wrong and made him invisible. It was the chance of his life! He got in the apartment of his legend love and made love to her. Who would have thought that the mysterious invisible lover would show this girl how beautiful and passionate sex can be! Part 2 is an exciting story of Dice Whitaker, whose only goal is to win the horse race with his best horse, Lucky Star. But soon Dice discovers the tempting and dangerous world of gambling and meets lots of sexy and easy women who can make his every fantasy come true... Enjoy the true masterpiece of 1980s porn which is full of the most breathtaking sex scenes featuring hot blowjobs, raunchy lovemaking and spectacular cumshots!

Night Temptress

Trying to shed the Spielberg-look of their past two ventures, directors Ferrand and Davy stay a little bit closer to this time zone with The Night Temptress. Well, maybe even that's a matter of interpretation. Mistress Jacqueline, who can usually be found in some bondage-submission dungeon, is called upon to do something a little more mainstream. Here, she plays a sort of female Rod Serling-Tinkerbell. With soft, caressing voiceovers and cute insert shots revealing her dimples, pearl drops smile and chandelier-sized earrings, Jacqueline plays a creature who inhabits our repressed sexual dreams and comments in a kind of poetry best found in volumes of Lord Byron and Keats. Sharon Kane plays a frustrated housewife (is there any other kind?) who's about to confront the powers of Jacqueline. Kane, married to wham-bam hubby Jesse Eastern, is looking to clean the sexual corrosion off her battery poles. Jacqueline allows her to cut loose, thus setting up some pretty weird segments with nosey neighbor Lee Caroll. Eastern with Lynn Lemay, and the compulsory orgy sequence. The Lemay scene begs for comment since Eastern takes a monumental career risk by donning garter belt, stockings an women's makeup to establish the truly kinky side of Kane's fantasies (she's imagining Jesse doing a role reversal with "hooker" Lemay). The last time I saw something like this was actor Richard Goldstone in Alex de Renzy's Passions. I think Goldstone is working as a night watchman in a spittoon factory these days. Hope Jesse has his money in CD's – but he's great in what the scene calls for, nonetheless. Creatively and sexually, The Night Temptress is everything you've come to expect from Pure Class Productions. First rate video making all the way and a fascinating mix or romance and high voltage kink. Stores should support this big budget, worthy sexvid.

Life In The Fat Lane 3

Third instalment in the series. Small filesize - big women! (though they're not quite as big as in the first two editions..

Femmes Impudiques

Two women alone in the country, in an old house, where even a fridge is missing, in vacation for 2 months, their husbands plan to visit them 2 days a week. A young girl, the future ‘rosi?re” (the most virtuous girl in the village), is hired to help for the cleaning. They are afraid to be bored. Guess what: starting with some lesbian games whith each other they very fast will have a lot of fun when meeting the postman, the delivery guys, the grocer, a camper, a walker,…

The Seduction of Seka

Seka's steamy sexuality explodes as she is seduced and chocked up to reveal her insatiable bi-sexual desires. Her husband has gone to the office and a special request brings the two carpenters remodeling her home into the bedroom. No further persuasion is needed for them to take their simultaneous pleasure with her body! Later, Seka's husband make her beg for his attention. The camera catches a head-to-toe tilt of her incredible body and a lot more as she seduces her man to satisfy her needs. That evening Seka's urge to taste her she and her husband seduce the small-breasted girl until she is quivering in orgasm. The next morning Seka visits her neighbor who is miserable over her cheating husband. Seka seduces her and is caught by Rhonda's husband, who pleasures himself with each while the other watches and then both women work him orally to a wild climax.