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In Caught From Behind #8, the new ending, you’ll learn the true pleasures of the forbidden zone. These young ladies seek only the hardest of super studs to stuff their tight cute bottoms. The pulsating pleasure that bouncy Tanya Fox and beautiful Tiffany Storm bring to their men erupts with volcanic fury, as the lustful playing of Lori Peacock, Barbie Dahl and Havanah teasingly use their mouths and bottoms to bring on a steamy wet ending! Caught From Behind #8 is much more than a detective story… it’s an ending all to itself. It’s the nastiest, hottest and sexiest Caught From Behind yet!

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Here in this one-hour video classic. Showgirl proudly presents the most beautiful star of adult erotica. Tina Russell, truly one of the sexiest and hottest stars. Tina gives you her all in a combined performance of hot, pulsating action.

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This is the city… the EROTIC CITY. Here the hot, pulsating beat of the music blends with the throbbing tempo and driving rhythm of the street to incite new heights of sexual passion and desire. On this typically torrid day, a corporate battle is about to be laid wide open at Kingsley Industries. Who wins and who loses? Take a lusty look for yourself in the X-Rated soap opera that makes "Dynasty" look like "Captain Kangaroo!"Delicious Desiree (Laurie Smith) is the scheming strumpet trying to take over Fred Kingsley's (Jamie Gillis) company… and she'll stop at nothing! First she seduces a sexy stockholder (Joey Silvera)… then she blackmails Fred's promiscuous wife (Joanna Storm) with a scandalous video tape of her illicit affairs… And then she sweet-talks legendary Shelly (Amber Lynn) in a girl-girl tryst that really starts tongues wagging.The sex and intrigue continue at a fever pitch! Dow Jones averages go through the roof in EROTIC CITY!

Wet and Wild

A lot of ink has been spilled discussing the filth-laden career of Michael Findlay. Here’s a rare chance to see one of his hardcore features. Twisted scenarios are Findlay’s trademark. Wet & Wild is no exception. We open with his camera prowling 42nd Street. It’s like traveling back in time, before the sacred Deuce was defanged by greedy politicians and Disney. Rows of lit-up marquees, peepshows, X-rated theatres and nudie bars bring a lump to the throat. (Snuff is shown playing at the National!) In a Times Square grindhouse, a ski-masked sex fiend, brandishing a .38 caliber pistol, busts into the projection booth. He takes the projectionist to run porno flicks. We’re taken on a foot-to-the-floorboards ride on a sexual safari through New York City’s gutter. ("A steamy, seedy jungle of unfettered sex!") Screamingly demented narration accompanies sperm-tossing stroke footage. We visit a haven for hookers called The Camelot (Cum-a-lot is more apt). "Hundreds of rooms. Hundreds of groaning beds." As a vacant-eyed woman plays with herself the voice-over explains, "A typical Camelot apartment, with garish Castro-Convertible furniture and a biz-arre-looking girl with a brown, wooden banana who’s been told by a customer to shove it up her not-so-dainty twat." The film roars along with slurping and slamming galore. The narrator sounds like Ron Popeil ("She’ll fuck it! She’ll suck it! She’ll twist it and jerk it till it’s blue!"). We watch some fun-loving lesbians at the Peek and Pay. ("Two nymphettes whose taste in underwear is pretty good.") It ends with a cum-filled orgy run by "Pete the Pimp". All these scenes are watched by the sex-mad psycho. Apparently he didn’t get off on this "Pandora’s Palace of pounding pricks and pulsating pussies." It ends with the projectionist’s bullet-ridden body slumped against a poster of Olga’s House of Shame! This is a Michael Findlay film. You expected a happy ending?!

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A pulsating video jukebox consisting of ten musically erotic video vignettes. Starring the prettiest and sexiest actresses assembled and performing in this full length, 90-minute video feature. Action packed, cum-drenched, pulsating beats will have you glued to your seat. Watch this tape with someone you love, or you'll be holding your own. This is America's First Adult Video Jukebox!

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Loni Sanders loves to lust in this red-hot 30 minutes of erotic footage featuring a hot, pulsating lesbian scene with Jennifer West, a cum-drenched encounter with Mike Stapp where Loni "eats him alive." Plus a HOT SHORTS BONE-US featuring Lee Carroll.

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Fear not. filth fans. Inside Pussycat more than picks up the slack. Conducting an experiment on "classic schizophrenia" for his doctorial thesis, a swinging hepcat drops some medicine on a handful of repressed college chicks, leading to squeals of pleasure. Later on, the shocked coeds watch themselves in action on the film. ("Wow! Is that really me? That’s disgusting!"). Inside Pussycat is a keeper. It’s shot, edited and directed eons better than most Golden Age flesh feasts. Better yet, the cast of shapely party dolls contain some potent eye candy (including gorgeous LILLY FOSTER, of Liz Mama’s Little Girl and Orita De Chadwick of Shool for D Girls). Unlike the usual human debris that haunt these early 70s skinfests. there are no pimples, needle marks, surgical scars, protruding nose hairs or diaper rash on view. Just a pulsating palace of pubic hair so soft and fluffy you’ll want to reach into the TV and run your fingers through it.

Indecent Itch

Stunning new starlet Brittany Stryker dances alone, withdrawn from the pain and frustration of relationships. Her constant masturbation is her one escape. This bittersweet solitude is broken by the intrusion of old friends. The taunts and teasing of her promiscuous friends drive her to have nightmares of her masturbation fantasy, having each of her holes filled with a large vibrating pink dildo, the cold piece of plastic to which she is addicted. She is left empty and begging for the real thing, which she gets when three young studs replace the cold plastic with the hot pulsating real thing, all three of them at once! In the midst of her struggle, and the constant partying (Wesson oil and all!) of her friends, Brittany somehow finds what she really wants.

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In the beginning there was lust, and it was good. It was very good! It was so good in fact that it is still a driving to this day. The best place to taste the forbidden fruit of wild hedonistic lust is right here in the Garden of Hedon! It is "the" arena where fantastic fantasies of frenzied fornication come alive in writhing combinations of passion-drenched pleasure and pulsating lust. Let a cast of experienced hedonists take you through a wild romp in the Garden of Hedon as they show you the meaning of lust!

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One of the most highly praised erotic films of all time, Robert McCollum's '3 A.M.' is truly a landmark in the adult motion picture industry. With a remarkable story, brilliantly enacted by some of Hollywood's finest young actors, '3 A.M.' achieves new heights in sexual depiction. '3 A.M.' was made with one basic intention - to turn you on - and turn you it will!! Each erotic scene slowly builds to a pulsating climax, involving the viewer in the most intimate feelings of those on the screen.

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Sit back and witness an erotic array of scenes which you will never forget. See anal-queen Erica Boyer and the Luscious Jennifer Knox as they lick and probe each other's bodies using each other for sexual gratification. Next, watch as the two ebony beauties Jeannie Pepper and Sahara torment each others bodies with pleasure and desire with a 2 foot long, double headed wham-a-dang. Now, hold on and watch one of the most explosive 5 way scenes ever to be videotaped. Superstars Patti Petite, Sharon Mitchell, Gina Carerra, Kevin James and Steve Powers have a sex drenched session which will leave you rock-hard. You'll be begging for more watching pretty Patti Petite sucking Kevin James 10 inch long tool until he erupts a thick wad of cum all over her face. Then see white trash, six foot tall blonde bombshell Brittany as she teaches black new cummer Robbie a lesson in discipline. And then beats off his pulsating black penis until he cums on her big creamy white breasts. For a closing, award winning video director, Bobby Hollander has created the hottest girl on girl scenes you will ever see. Innocent little Nikki Charm and the busty Jacqueline Lorian are featured in a blazing hot tub lesbian scene. Watch as these two nymphs lick and tease each other's steaming love muffs with their eager mouths. This video is a classic blend of passion and eroticism which will leave you completely drained.

Best Butte in the West

Park Avenue PR executive, Brandy Alexandre, is sent from the big apple to the big sky country to put some pizzazz back into a western bar. After referring to the small Montana town of Butte as "Butt" a few times. The idea for a butt contest finally clicks, Tiffany Mynx, Alex Jordan and Flame all have different reasons for entering the contest. But who wins? - And why? Sit back for 2 full, pulsating hours of heinie heat and down home humping with this AVN-rated AAAA hit... and find out how country girls (and one city girl) get their reputations.

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Tit-bangin', cum-suckin' fun with one of the hottest redheads in 80's porn. Mindy couldn't act, but she sure could fuck. And what a body! An irresistable pair of tits, long legs and a talented tongue, Mindy was a regular in "big tit"features and loop compilations from 1984 ├втВмтАЬ 1986.Here's ten of her best scenes, from the Big Melons series and rare videos like Girls In Cell Block 7, Pulsating Flesh, Bouncin' In The United States and the not-to-be-missed "How To Perform Fellatio" with perhaps the most talented cocksucker in porndom: Karen Summer.

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Tingling twats, pulsating pussies, sizzling, soaked snatch..its a womans world where the chicks do all the work, like licking crotch, sucking tit and dipping dildos! This GREEN SERRANO SPECIAL really smokes with hot-lez action.

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When HISTORIC EROTICA opens up its vaults to choose the best girl/girl footage from its vast collection of classic smokers, we're not talking bulldykes from hell here! What we've searched for are the hottest, most desirable feminine babes ever to strap on a dildo and ream the cream out of their luscious counterparts. These dolls are LIPSTICK LESBIANS, and they don't need a man to satisfy their wanton desires. Group sex, vibrators, flying fingers, and thrashing tongues are served up in a diversified diet of pulsating pussy guaranteed to arouse even the most jaded videophile.

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A sensuous and sizzling look into a high-class hooker. Tell the truth, haven't you always wondered what the sexual life of a high class hooker is really like? Finally there's a film that takes you behind the scenes and deep inside the lascivious life of the sexiest of them all: the devine Miss Xaviera Hollander! Can you just picture her first experience with professional pleasing? How did she become the Princess of Pleasure? The answers are all here, and not a single juicy detail is left out. You'll see Xaviera in every possible compromising position, always with one goal in her heart, mind and bidy: to please. And please she does - men and women, single and together, in the entire panorama of sexual variety. There's something here for everyone. When it comes to providing you with palpable, pulsating pleasure, Xaveria delivers!

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Part 1 of 'As it Really Was', begins in Vienna around the turn of the last century. A beautiful little madam, perched on a pulsating penis through split-crotch draws, introduces herself as Janine. She tells how, as a young girl, she and her guy got aroused watching the extramarital erotic encounters of their mom and stepfather and how they relieved each other orally. Janine becomes a voyeur and resolves to loose her virginity. She interrupts Mr Hutchin's encounter with the neighbour Mrs Peabody and wraps her sweet, virgin face around his throbbing purple shaft just before her very first fuck. From that moment she's insatiable, enjoying the blooming of her young body and the impressive virility of the lodger Mr Baker, whom she drains. A priest hears her sins and purifies her with his holy tongue. Absolving her with his holy dick, he causes the wicked girl to call "I'm coming Lord!" More debauchery happens with Marezi and her servants. Taking in another lodger Rudolf, chocks up Janine and her stepfather to share a bed, with sinful consequences. Roguish Rudolf coerces her into further acts of a debased nature, finally becoming her pimp - not that the voracious Victorian vixen needs one! Fantastic erotic entertainment. One of horniest movies of all time, great story and great sex! Highly recommended.

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Harry Rheems delivers 2 gallons of milk to Mrs. Wilson, and when she does not answer the door right away, we see him playing the peeping Tom and playing with himself. The scene inside is with Ray Wells and what are supposed to be two 18 year old high school senior girls and he is placing his penis in each of their pussies until they have an orgasm. This turns into the orgy scene with Ray Wells, Bunny Bleu, Harry Rheems and 2 other women. Pretty hot sex but the camera angles and lighting were not done very well. The rest of the movie cuts to Ray being interviewed by Joan and they cut to the scenes he describes. Then after he tells his story Joan asks him to make her pregnant and a nice long scene between Ray and Joan follows. Then final scene is with 2 bi sexual women who call the show and ask Ray to come over and make them pregnant as well.

The Best Butt in the West

Park Avenue PR executive, Brandy Alexandre, is sent from the big apple to the big sky country to put some pizzazz back into a western bar. After referring to the small Montana town of Butte as 'Butt' a few time. The idea for a butt contest finally clicks, Tiffany Mynx, Alex Jordan and Flame all have different reasons for entering the contest. But who wins? - And why? Sit back for 2 full, pulsating hours of heinie heat and down home humping with this AVN-rated AAAA hit ... and find out how country girls get their reputations.

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Next up is blonde beauty Kim Chambers with her plump fun bags as she satisfies the cravings of six hungry cocks in two back-to-back scenes! The first three cock hounds up for plowing her furrow are Marc Wallice, Peter North and Tom Byron who play slip 'n slide with her tight ass, wet pussy and suctioning mouth. After enticing Peter North's pulsating cock to come in her mouth and on her face the action immediately shifts to the 3rd scene also featuring our vixen, Kim Chambers. In this third scene our stunt cocks are again Peter North and Marc Wallice joined by veteran Joey Silvera. Perhaps Ms. Chhambers had just had her implants when this scene was filmed because just like in scene two she refuses to let those huge sweater puppies venture too far outside of her bra. Regardless, we get to see the boys fully enjoy Chambers' lecherous offerings as she gobs their knobs and sticks her ass in the air for DP action. After a good long shagging Peter North is again the point man for shooting his viscous load all over her face and open mouth.

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The legendary bandit of adventure is now back in a modern-day setting, San Francisco, and his fairy tales are as straight as his arrow - and dirtier and bawdier than the most filthy fables. In this city so gay by the bay, he has a job fencing off all the hard-up horny women looking for his kind of lance: A throbbin', quivering piece of all-male magnetism. So, inbetween fighting and robbing from the villainous rich, he plunders and pleases the panting pretty poor. Aiding Throbbin' Hood in his quest for the beautiful are his lusty merry men, Friar Suck and Little Dong, and after they made Marion, they hook up with hooker Trixie and the rich bitch Alexis. For throbbin' pulsating derring-do that will hit your horny funny bone get a load of this racy, raunchy romp

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The all-American soap opera is given a raw and rousing scrubbing as Immorals gets underway. A penetrating, pulsating invasion of societys private thoughts and most decadent deeds. Immorals fondly focuses on the adventures of an outrageous, totally uninhibited family whose ever moment is spent perpetuating the images of hedonism. Indeed, herein is a world where the motto is Screw unto others before they screw unto you.

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