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Tough Competition

Incredible new superstar, Kyle Carrington, in his premier performance, is America's brightest hope for the 400 meter freestyle competition in the World Sports Games. It comes as no surprise when he stands upon the victory podium and receives the winner's gold about his neck. And that's not all this young, hot swimmer receives. From the pool to the locker room Kyle quickly learns the old saying, "everybody loves a winner" is truer than ever. Just as the roar of the crowd begins to fade, the steamy adulation only begins... with a famous sportscaster, his teammates and even strangers in a parking lot falling victim to his enormous talent. From this point on the ensuing action gets so hot that the pool fairly simmers at a slow boil. Gold medal performances are nothing new to this All-American cast as the adoring public soon discovers.

Closed Eyes and Open Thighs

Is it real or is it fantasy? It doesn't matter, because you see it all. A horny jock without a date closes his eyes and suddenly before his bulging crotch there is the super sexy superstar, Jeanna Fine, a silver-haired beauty with a delicious body. A virgin, she has come to be devirginized by her tutor, who is only too happy to teach her to play with her own treasures for awhile before moving on to his, kissing him in that special spot, in that special way and to take his full measure with her virginal canal. She likes it. So will you. Also on hand is cute cheerleader-type Stacey Donovan, whose sleek body and pouting mouth are put to good use as she wallows in a kinky threeway with another girl and he-man, Paul Thomas, in drag! Don't let Paul's feminine undergarments fool you. Sprouting from his pantied crotch is the tree of life that does with the two female sexpots exactly what you'd expect it to do. And talk about kinky! How about veteran x-rated stud Tom Byron getting his offbeat kicks with a silver-haired maid by laying her across his lap and spanking her. Followed by his putting a metal-studded choker around her pretty neck, the better to guide her through the various ways he likes to make love. Lesbian action? You got it when Stacey Donovan returns to have fun in front of a fireplace with a masked brunette. The girls find other flesh to fool around with though, when two raunchy guys discover them for fun and games.


A young Mexican and his girlfriend, both from the barrio, take a beautiful, rich Beverly Hills ingenue for ransom. They keep her captive in her small-time, dealing boyfriend's home while they await her greedy father's payoff. During the course of her captivity, Angelica finds that the distance between Beverly Hills and East Los Angeles is a lot less than it appears. She learns a lesson in cross cultural double crossing as the story races through the intrigues and plot twists at break-neck speed to end up in old Mexico.

69 Minutes Evening News

This romp is a fast-paced send-up of ‘60 Minutes,’ of course. Curvaceous cutie Tracey Adams serves as your host, guiding viewers on a global look at sexual customs…or something like that. We begin in Sweden, where a trio of Frenchies are competing in the 10th Annual Cunnilingus Championship. After this mouthwatering salvo, we head to Japan, where Tish Ambrose and Jeff Scott engage in a goofy bout of Eastern-tinged eroticism, complete with ubiquitous instant cameras around their neck. In the Middle Eastern land of Labia, we meet Arab despot William Margold, who appeals to then-President Reagan to send him a buxom California beach bunny. Surprisingly, one promptly shows up and treats him to a blistering buff session right then and there. This is followed by a segment in which American and Soviet ambassadors are interviewed by Tracey as only she can. Toss in a goofy parody of Andy Rooney and you’ve got a perfect example of a mid-80’s spoof-style sex-vid Fun from start to finish!

Flight Sensations

Ah, the delightful Flight Sensations. This film IMHO is probably the last really good Seka film out there (has anyone seen American Garter? if you haven't, don't.) and features Seka and Desiree Cousteau as Air Hostesses. Seka being the experienced trolley dolly, she takes Desiree under her wing, leading her down the garden path of sexuality....and recounting a great deal of sex scenes in the process. The most recognisable of which is the strap on "robot" dildo that a girl proceeds to use on Seka and Juliet Anderson. I've seen this film in several versions down the years, but haven't noted half the actors listed in the IAFD. All I have recognised are Seka, Desiree Cousteau, Connie Peterson, Desiree West, and Juliet Anderson. For the blokes I think there was Jamie Gillis, Mike Ranger, John Holmes, David Morris, and an unrecognisable Mike Horner (did this guy have a nose job in the late eighties?) maybe I've got a chopped version..... Though essentially a swedish erotica style wall-to-waller, (I think the air hostesses even wear THOSE neck scarves as well), it's thoroughly enjoyable stuff, and has that Golden Age charm that seemed to evaporate circa 1984. It's pretty much Seka's show, she's in every scene here, and thankfully, isn't as cold and wooden as she can be. Desiree Cousteau (unfortunately) only has one full scene at the end, but pretty much steals the show with her usual ditz act. Overall 3.25 on the Imperator scale, but this depends on whether your a Seka fan, obviously.

Angels Of Mercy

Buffy Davis is Dick Rambone's very loving girlfriend. She sees to his every desire, and loves him deeply, and proves it in lots of ways. One day she overhears a conversation between Dick and one of his buddies. Dick is distraught. He sounds like he's gonna cry. He says something about somebody dying. Buffy is sure he means himself, but she doesn't want to ask him, because she doesn't want him to know she was eavesdropping. Buffy doesn't know what to do at first, but she finally decides that all she can do is make Dick's last days as happy as she can. She knows Dick really, really likes women, and she's got lots of cute girlfriends. She does a little math, and soon Dick is up to his neck in mouth-watering young nymphs who want nothing more than to romp the big guy raw. He doesn't understand what's going on until Buffy explains to him that she knows he's going to die, and she just wanted to make him happy. Dick laughs hard and long (much like his famous appendage) and then tells her that he was really talking about his car, which is apparently on its last legs. Phenomenal sex and a very romantic storyline.

Changing Partners

Blonde porn superstar Sharon Kane sizzles in this partner-swapping sexfest. It's the story of insatiable infidelity and primal passion behind closed office doors, filled with blistering interracial heat and feverishly frenzied frolicking. The amorous antics begin when a business executive starts prying into the private lives of his employees. Little does he suspect just how carnally crazed his wanton workers are when they are not in the office! While his sinfully sexy secretary dilly-dallies with debauched dictation, his amorous office manager's up to his neck in nubile young women. The passion and erotic intensity build to a shattering finale that leaves everyone clamoring for overtime.

Greta Carlboy Facial

Greta Carlboy takes a big creamy blast to the face, neck and chest.

Geile Nachbarn

Those who have seen other Nick Millard films (ie Gunilla or Fraulein Leather) will know what to expect. Nicely filmed, frequent location shots, small cast, minimal plot, no sync sound, jazzy slightly avant-garde score and an incredibly over blown narration from a syrupy voiced woman with a southern accent (it seems that the same woman narrates all of Millard's films). There is also plenty of sex and unlike many films of the time it's usually brightly lit so you can see what's going on. Chic (Ric Lutz) has a shemp hair do, wears a big gold chain around his neck and a bright yellow jumpsuit (Chic is a man ahead of his time, the narrator tells us, in the twenty first century all men will dress like this!). He meets hippy flower Renee (Rene Bond), they share a cigarette and head back to her pad for some pretty energetic sex. Two girls (who are unknown to me) get it on together then in a threesome with Chic. Renee solos with a vibrator while talking to Chic on the phone. Chic faints after someone on the street calls him a "hippy, commie faggot", the girls revive him in their own inimitable style.

Incredible classic video with Elodie Delage and Olinka Hardiman

Marilyn Jess goes on holiday to St Tropez with her friend Mika Barthel. They meet a group of people making a porn film and Marilyn gets filmed having sex in the changing rooms of a tennsi club and at a party, among other places. Cathy Ménard plays a porn actress, seen only in the first scene buried up to her neck in the sand and giving head to Olinka and Jean-Pierre Armand while being filmed by Alban. The blonde on the boat is probably Veronica Celes. Every so often Marilyn phones her parents and is groped while doing so. On her return to Paris, she walks in on her father just after he had been watching the porn film that was shot and recognised his daughter taking part.

Sleazy Rider

Cum see these whores take it all off to suck and fuck their own personal Motorcycle Madman!!! These sluts get extra wet from the vibrations that a motorcycle gives off while their riding behind their man and holding on to him and his package at break-neck speeds!! These whores need that excitement before they get into the hardcore sucking and fucking!!!

Incredible vintage movie with Zach Youngblood and Roger Rosenbaum

A film in the style of Emmanuelle, but with a raw passion of The Story of O. Clair has a powerful, almost supernatural attraction to those about her. Living alone in her stately mansion, she attracts the most fascinating men and women to her estate, where seemingly bound to her and her aberrant desires, they eagerly give themselves sexually to her and to each other. Is it her magnetic attraction due to her phenomenal beauty? The sexual aura that surrounds her? Or to a valuable yet mysterious necklace always around her neck? See how ordinary people become extraordinary sexual participants in her games of eroticism

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Die Madchen von St. Tropez

Hot summer of 1981 on the Cote dAzur. The lawyer-Brigitt (played by former French porn superstar Marilyn Jess) and her friend Kathy (Mika Barthel) learn at the beach Roddy and Eddy know. The two darede-vils want to shoot a porno and seduce the attractive girls to uninhibited sex games they Legendly film. In luxurious Mediterranean villas, yachts and speedboats, disco, it drives the growing sex clique getting wilder. Become Roddy and Eddy can turn her hot streak to end, or to get them in the end was on the ropes? The excessive History inter alia with a legendary scene where Cathy Menard up to his neck in the beach dug a blowjob done and the international star cast made this film a classic pornography. Resampled from the original negative, digitized and processed, it can now be seen in unprecedented quality at last.

La Doctoresse

Marie-Christine Covi is a doctor of a clinic. The movie starts at night, Marie-Christine Covi masturbates a guy (face not shown but it’s J. P. Armand). In a room, a woman patient rings the nurse. MC. Covi answers the call and has a lesbian scene with her.:The next day, she welcomes Etienne Jaumillot (an old actor) and when he says he looks forward to her therapy, she shows him her breast.:Meanwhile, Jean Paul Bride (John Love’s actor who loves inserting stuff) enter a patient room and proceeds to fist the brunette in there. In another room, a nurse (played by the brunette who rang the previous night) gives Desire (a black midget, another favorite actor of John Love) a blow job. J. P. Armand joins in, doing the main hardcore action. The scene ends with a faked cumshot.:J. P. Bride returns to his patient and shaves her. Then he calls in J.P. Armand before leaving. J. P.Armand has anal sex with the brunette.:M. C. Covi walks around the clinic with her white blouse open and shows her breast and white lingerie.:E. Jaumillot stops a short blonde nurse and pays her to manipulate his penis. Later, she tells this story to a colleague in a kitchen. They start rubbing each other, and J. P. Armand enter the kitchen. The nurses suck him, then they go to the living room where the nurses get anal sex.:At night, the blonde nurse does a striptease for E. Jaumillot, that almost kills him. M. C. Covi comes to his rescue and revives him with some breast slapping/rubbing. Then she fucks J. P. Armand and P.Soine in a living room. She gets a DP and the guys come on her neck and breast.

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Tails of the Town

A rare classic packed with legends of the adult industry. Starring Nina Deponca in every scene she's explosive. Watch Ray Victory and Nina Deponca heat up the inside of a hair salon as she sucks his massive tool. He then fucks her missionary and doggy style letting a load go on her neck. She gives a blistering BJ to legend Buck Adams. Buck Adams shoves his cock down her throat and pulls it out to repeatedly slap his cock against Nina's lips and tongue and gives her pussy a good pounding. Tom Byron and Summer Rose find a secluded alley to tell their tale. Tom plunges his bulging cock inside summer's dripping hole before squirting a load all over her love bucket.

Savannas Games

This scene features a kinky brunette amateur babe with a loose cunt that she loves to stuff with large bizarre objects. She is fucking herself with a thick bottle, bottom end first, which she almost inserts entirely to the neck and frantically penetrates herself to an intense orgasm!

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If there's anybody who appreciates a find when he sees one, it's the Grand Peepster... And he doesn't have to look twice to know that Kelsey's got it all - Looks, and a genuine interest in collecting John's pearls of jiz-dom all about her neck and face!

Sex With Bisexual Twins

Then Virginie watches a couple (a red-head actor + unknown brunette). Then Sophie draws her attention towards a man masturbating (only hand and cock); Sophie draws near and sucks him. Once again, no feeling, no fun. Sophie sucks him until he comes on her neck. Virginie cleans the whole place up with her tongue. Virginie meets Sophie's moustached friend (Hubert Geral). Sophie calls him Cheri and asks him to show how things are to her new friend. He kisses Sophie's body all over in what could have been a tender scene but turns out to be (a once-again) boring scene - he's pretending he's horny, Sophie looking distant and even un-enthusiastic as V. Martin's often appeared on the screen. She calls her friend to join and teaches her how to suck. Virginie proceeds, at first with difficulty, then until he comes into her hands and onto her mouth. Virginie experiences a deep sensation both of pleasure and disgust. Then Sophie tells her memories of parties by an Asian woman (in fact Mika with a painted face. Poor Mika, where are your lively smiles and your lustful eyes?).

STAR (Neck Brace Fetish)

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