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Mario Salieri - I vizi anali delle collegiali (Erika Bella)

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Edited Sarah Sunday 2017-03-03 mario cortez

Edited Sarah Sunday 2017-03-03 mario cortez

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48 Horas De Sexo Alucinante

After seeing the film '24 Horas de Sexo Explicito', a psychologist hires the same crew to make a new movie, doubling the time - an orgy which would last for 48 hours, to further her research on sex. But in the middle of the shooting, the actors realize they are being used in a new kind of special treatment.

Moni Und Lisa

long scene on terrace and in pool, very long threesome in living room, brief parallel and concluding sex scene with XNK; no boat sequence, MP in almost all scenes MP with SE & BM and XNK, SA with XNK. MP & SA have discussion on villa terrace, SE & BM play tennis, are photographed and picked up by SA (much longer scene), arrive at villa, are introduced to MP (then exit SA), lesbian sex on terrace, threesome MP, SE & BM, some swimming in pool, more threesome, even more threesome in living room (brief intermezzo; SA photographs and picks up XNK1148 in town), continue threesome, after some time parallel scene of SA being returned to villa and having sex on sofa with XNK1148; threesome continues quite a while even after SA's cumshot; after some comic relief finally XNK1148 masturbates and then has sex with MP.

Reifeprufung auf der Schulbank

This 80s German vintage porn movie is a story of an erotomaniac who got a job as a PE teacher in high school. It's hard to imagine any better job for him, as most of his students turn out to be not innocent girls but frisky cock-hungry babes. Besides, the new teacher's female collegues are also dying to seduce him...

Ekstasen Madchen Und Millionen

Lydia, eine blonde attraktive Dreissigerin mit einem stark ausgeprägten geilen Becken, nutzt die Abhängigkeit ihres Mittarbeiters Mario sexuell aus. Sie ist Mitglied einer Geldwäschersippe. Zu jeder freien Minute und bei jeder Gelegenheit saugt sie seinen übergrossen Penis Ieer. Nur das grossbusige, üppig behaarte Dienstmädchen Giselle überrascht Lydia und Mario. Es kommt zu einer interessanten Begegnung.

Manner Objekte Weiblicher Begierde

Men – Object of feminine desire (content) Michelle – a woman directed a movie for women, but had only one thing in mine – men. An exciting movie with innnovative ideas, gorgeous and beautiful pictures but also hard and thrilling action; Everything you like is included in this flick by Michelle. A movie for her and him.

Vietnam Store 1

Pendant la guerre du Vietnam des filles dociles et lubriques subissent les pires humiliations sexuelles par des soldats impitoyables et en manque.

Pleasure So Deep

See you wildest erotic fantasies come true& Pleasure So Deep is a hot offering loaded with absolutely gorgeous girls who squeal and squirm with the best of the X-rated stars!! - Hustler Magazine. Introducing international cover girl Lauren St. Germain in her adult screen debut!!

Das Sexabitur

Anne Blume's Abitur (British equivalent: A-level exam) is coming up. She's doing fine in most subjects, except that she sucks in French. Her bored housewife mum Eva is a dead ringer for her daughter, and she speaks French fluently - so the two swap places for the French classes. That swap stays in place for the subsequent homework class with Anne's friends, but Eva had not quite anticipated that was merely meant to be a shagfest. Well, she's up for it though did not quite realise that normal procedure would only expect her to copulate with Klaus, Anne's boyfriend, and not with Sven as well. That encourages Klaus to try out Sven's girlfriend Petra, and later, for good measure, the school's cleaning woman. Back in school, horny Eva also seduces the French teacher, and in the end the lot of them celebrate the successful exam with a big orgy - when unfortunately husband Heinz returns home early, and even more unfortunately with the headmaster as his special guest.

Fais Moi Tout

The mayor of some provincial village calls the detective agency which employs Dany and Martine because a local woman (Therese) is spreading gossip about how several local establishment figures of his party have scandalously taken advantage of her. Dany and Martine come to investigate and hear first Therese's story about how Luc, Paul and Jacques coerced her into indecent acts, such as doctor Luc talking her into giving him a blow-job as a means to relieve her migraine. Dany and Martine soon conjecture that this is all wishful thinking and that Therese merely wants to get hitched and get laid. So they validate the hypothesis by trying out the men for themselves. In the end, Therese is happy too, because our heroines arrange a hot date with Jacques - with a predictable outcome.

French Satisfaction

Great French prone, drenched with passion, beautiful sex girls welcome and a decent storyline. Want to see the corrupt police, lewd advokatsh, beautiful and passionate French women, as well as how to suck here? Then this is the film for you

Cumming to Ibiza 1

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Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco

I really can't believe that I haven't cum across the underground Brazilian exploitation market sooner. It seems that our south-of-the-border friends have been churning out some seriously insane sleaze for years now, and until recently, it's slipped under my radar. Having newly discovered this niche-genre, I've gone on a bit of a binge, and will be sure to look into these films more fully. I don't speak Portugese, so I'm sure I'm losing some plot-points in translation, but A GUNMAN CALLED PAPACO is another trashy bit of sexy fun that is reminiscent of the spaghetti-westerns that it obviously is inspired by, and even has a healthy bit of a Jodorowsky feel to it. Papaco is a kick-ass gunman on his way to deliver an important parcel of sex-toys, contained in a coffin that he drags from location to location. Along the way, Papaco runs into several unsavory characters (including a midget pistolieri played by Chumbinho, of FUK FUK A BRASILEIRA "fame"), and several savory females who both help and hinder him during his travails... A GUNMAN CALLED PAPACO contains many elements that seem to be staples amongst 80s-era Brazilian hardcore/exploit films - namely graphic depictions of both gay and straight sex, some of which may turn off potential viewers. For those that are brave and open-minded, I think that Brazilian exploitation films will become to the newer-generation of exploitation fans what the Italian films were to mine. Thoroughly fun, often depraved, and always tongue-in-cheek (or "cheeks", depending on what set your talking about) - these zero-budget trash-fests are a delight, even if I can't understand what the f!ck they're talking about..

Juventude Em Busca De Sexo

Two middle-class guys lose their parents in an accident and have to start working. The boy gets a job in a supermarket, and gets involved with a prostitute. The girl finds herself a job in a restaurant, whose owner just wants to have sex with her.

The True Story of the Nun of Monza

With the death of her illustrious father and the mental and physical decline of the Superior, Girl Virginia de Leyva becomes the Superior of herconvent. This changing of the guard, along with a prevalent moral ambiguity,causes an upheaval among the convent's residents. Virginia finds herselfthe target of a horny killer, who is aided by a crooked priest. When shesuccumbs, her authority is compromised. Plagued by lustful dreams, she strivesto maintain her holiness despite the efforts of the other nuns to humiliate andoverthrow her.

Ninfetas Do Sexo Ardente

When a pair of dirty Brazillian handymen fix up the town's television to show only porn movies, incredible things start happing around the city. The people are glued to the screens, getting so horny that they can't think of anything else but fucking. Passionate orgies ensue, with amazing pool sex and streams of cumshots for beautiful amateur girls of all ages. A true classic from the eighties, this movie is a treat for the senses, filled with memorable scenes.

Vacanze a Rimini

Max Bellocchio is surrounded by people having sex, but isn't getting any himself. His daughter (Marie Noelly) has it away with the plumber, Joy Karin's with Alain Lyle on the stairs of a nightclub, then with Alain Lyle, Astrid, Sara Venier and Roberto Malone in the nightclub, then with Astrid and Roberto Malone on a yacht. Max is visited by Paola de Simone and a male and goes to fix them feels only to return to find Paola giving the male a blowjob. The film closes with Nadia Rivoli giving a blow job to an anonymous male and winking at the camera.

Rosemaries Schleckerland

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Abre as Pernas Coracao

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2 Slips Ami-ami

Jacques lives with his girlfriend (Liliane Lemieuvre) and her girl (Frédérique - Cathy Stewart) lives with them. The film opens with his coming home from work at night. He seems to be an airline pilot. He encounters Frédérique who is still up. He tells her to go to bed and joins his relaxing girlfriend who wakes up and starts making love to him once he is relax. Next door, the cute girl listens to what's going on and it obviously turns her on. The next morning, while her girl is in the kitchen, Frédérique joins Jacques in his bedroom and makes it clear she wants more than just family bonds. But things won't go further than a blowjob as the girl comes back and prepares herself for the day. He tells her he's got an appointment in the afternoon, but we understand he's going to see the girl who happens not to have school that day. So they are off to a nice lover's day in Paris. The season is obviously winter, but this doesn't prevent them from making love in a park (near Le Palais de Chaillot as far as I can see). Later his girlfriend starts another sex session in the bedroom but Frédérique is watching behind the door and Jacques cuts the scene short. Too tired, he says. The love affair between Jacques and Frédérique has been going on for a few days when one night the elder girl - and soon former girlfriend - welcomes them coldly as she has now understood everything. But friends have shown up and the time is ripe for a nice cosy evening with Carmelo, Suzanne, Michel, Claire, Myriam, Mario and Richard. Carmelo starts his gay/transvestite routine which will end with him being sodomised by Mario while the others are busy. All the others? No, for Frédérique seeing Jacques with Suzanne has left. After the party he realises she's gone. He then momentarily tries to find solace in Myriam's mouth but Frédérique has left his life empty. He realises he shouldn't have allowed Frédérique to witness the orgy. Both start strolling in Paris to bring back memories until they see one another on a bridge behind the Cathédrale Notre-dame and fall in one another's arms. Love is there again and... Back to bed!

Dolly Buster - Brain Storm

Sometimes the world is upside and fantasy and reality mingle. Like lightning Dolly then shoot the hottest images from her mind’s eye, and if they hoped the fresh air improvement of their merciless horny sex fantasies, it will only get worse. Strangers that they encounter sees them fucking.

Cronaca Nera

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British Butt Search

Ben Dover's British Butt Search is a classic early Ben Dover release. As usual, Ben is beating the bushes in Britain, searching for more English muffins to tease and please his worldwide audiences. And once again he comes through with some seriously searing sequences. This one is especially noteworthy due to the fact that it features one of Nici Sterling's very first performances. Calling herself Sophie Clark, Nici steams her way through an awe-inspiring lingerie show before getting down and dirty with off-screen beau Mike (now known to porn audiences as Wilde Oscar). Ben even manages to squeeze into the amorous action later on, making sure that he gets a taste of the lascivious loving that Nici's since become so well-known for. There's plenty more to recommend this bodacious butt search, though, including a jaw-dropping lesbian opener between naturally curvaceous blonde beauty Wendy (Sarah Daniel) and hot-to-trot brunette cutie Gail (Gilly Sampson). Vivacious Marina turns in a pair of hot scenes, first engaging in a little self-help before taking on Mario in a frantic, multi-position workout. Ben has honed his approach a bit since the 1995 debut of Ben Dover's British Butt Search, but for sheer unbridled sexing, he's rarely done any better than this.

Napoli Sex

A couple of bandits rob a couple and sexually assaults the female. The bandits contact the female and she arrives at their location seeking her possessions and brings along her friend who's attractive like her. See how both girls become preoccupied with the act of having the perpetrators stiff cocks inside their pussies.

Roma Connection

Deborah Wells, is a mummy and a respectable wife who is married to an important man uses her beautiful and sensual body to obey and content the mafia boss's request to have sex with one of his low-life trash assistants. She artistically strips for him. Undressing her fabulous black dress only to uncover her golden tall soft body. She pleases him with every possible sexual positions, and finally she gets caught by her girl, who had earlier had a sexual affair with this trash mafia. Director Mario Salieri shows throughout the entire film how rich, respectable women enjoy to be treated, sexually, as trash and cheap. Each woman has a different story with the mafia. The mafia's boss (an old man) threatens the women and take them to have sex with homeless people, trashy men and criminals.

Plainte Contre X 2

Thanks to this new concept of cinema X-verite, penetrate into the spicy scenes hidden behind the most incredible cases of immorality. This true story shot without the least concession, as hard and as violent as scarcely imaginable, which scandalized all of Italy, will lead you in to the decadent and depraved world of hustling Italian politics.

Les Contes Immoraux

A peine sorti, ce film est devenu l'événement des festivals du X en obtenant les prix les plus prestigieux. Que ce soit la critique ou le public, tout le monde est unanime pour considérer ce grand moment du hard comme la référence en la matière.