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Les Grandes Jouisseuses (1978)

Pierre has sexual fantasies about his next door neighbor Marianne... By Burd Tranbaree, with Brigitte Lahaie, Ursula White, Liliane Allan, Richard Allan, Jean-Louis Vattier, Dominique Aveline.

Oriental Lesbian Fantasies - 1984

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Racquel's Addiction

Slap any walkman on your ears and all you hear is music, unless you have the kind of special cassette Racquel and her pals have been grooving to. It doesn't play tunes - it plays fantasies...your fantasies in living color! Just press play....

Den K...familjen

Den K...familjen is a Swedish classic porn movie which consists of a beautiful young blonde's sexual fantasies and recollections. Each episode bursts with passion, lust and fervour, be it a lesbian scene, a spectacular blowjob or group sex.

Paper Dolls

This classis eighties video features exclusive interviews with five gorgeous x-rated stars. Hear them tell how they got into the business. See them act out their most exotic fantasies. Paper dolls hold nothing back when giving out tongue-lashings and femme fondlings.

Eskorte zu Ekstase

Tish Ambrose plays an owner of an agency where rich women can hire handsome guys to make all of their fantasies come true. Tish offers her hot employees a contest - the one who satisfies his female client the most would become "the top cock", have sex with gorgeous Tish and get a $5,000 bonus. While hot studs fall over themselves to get their clients to cloud nine Tish entertains herself having lesbian sex and masturbating. Who will win and get the prize? Watch this cool classic porn movie to find out! It's full of steamy scenes featuring great blowjobs and spectacular cum shots.


Macho Man sex comes to life in The Xterminator, as male fantasies are portrayed non-stop throughout this shot-on-video feature. Big busts, big blondes and burning brunettes are ready, willing and more than able to satisfy each guy's sexual needs, and they never ask for anything more than a wet shot in return. Some knowledge of the mainstream film The Terminator is necessary, as the plot here is minimal. Tony Martin plays the X-rated version of Arnold What'shisname's box office smash. The mono-syllable Martin visits the Pleasure Palace to witness human sex, and hostess Patti Petite takes him for a tour of what seems like the ultimate male dream. All the sex here —and there's a lot— caters to every post-puberty male fantasy. There's boy/girl, girl/girl, three-ways, anal, and a feature-ending marathon where the robotic Martin runs from woman to woman until all four have a taste of his motor oil. The action comes fast and furious, and the attractive cast adds to the eroticism. The sex more than makes up for what is lacking in plot and production quality (some muffled audio, scenes out of focus and voice dubs). The cast gives it their all, especially Martin in the last scene, and the ending has a nice twist. But The Xterminator is not recommended for couples, as women may find the shallow characters and sex-for sex's sake attitude unappealing.

Leslie Bovee Collection

Sultry and gorgeous, Leslie Bovee was one of the top stars of 1970's XXX erotica. She was a breasty little trollop and came across like a sexually available substitute teacher that you always dreamed would show up at your high school. She was definitely a fine example of the 70's liberated woman, taking control of her own sexuality without a hint of shyness or guilt. Leslie Bovee was into sex without strings, spouting a free love philosophy that she really did live by. She appeared in over 50 features between 1975 and 1980, reveling in group sex and huge studs. Compiled here for the first time on DVD are her rare loops Linda I & II (where she’s cast as a Linda Lovelace look-a-like) and Starlet’s Penthouse Orgy! Also included is the complete loop collection Leslie Bovee’s Fantasies and select scenes from Lustful Feelings, Champagne for Breakfast & more!

Loose Ends 5

Some call them scum, some call them perverts, but in fact everybody wants to be like them. These people know what they want and they know how to get it. All they ever need is sex, and they wanna try everything - group fucking, sex toys, lesbian sex, anal, you name it. A sexy undercover agent has to become one of them and find out the truth about these people, but will she be able to play it cool and not surrender to her own dark desires and fantasies? Enjoy one of the greatest and mysterious classic xxx movies of the eighties!


Edwin Durrell, the man who created the wildly popular Every Woman Has a Fantasy and the 1001 Erotic Nights series' now brings you his most impressive feature ever! When six longtime friends indulge their fantasies of having sex with each other, the reality exceeds their wildest dreams. By weaving together a series of riveting interviews with choreographed kinky scenarios, Durell creates a montage of unrequited lust that becomes desire fulfilled. Sophisticated, sultry, and, above all, sexy! Masque sets a new watermark in the realm of adult video!

Les seins en feux

Three air hostesses live out their fantasies while stuck in Paris because of a strike. Several people benefit from their taste for "adventure": a waiter, a tramp and a fake blindman, not to mention the taxi driver whom they tease with some exhibitionism and mutual groping in the back of his cab. The whole scene is spiced up with some lesbian love between the three girls.

Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 1

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Dream Merchants

Selling sexual dreams to make them reality is a big business when gorgeous young girls come to live out their fantasies of huge dicks and passionate fucking in silk sheets. Racquel Darrian stars and shines in the movie filled with real raw blowjobs, lesbian sex and hard, screaming orgasms. Dream merchants is a true vintage classic and a must watch for any fan of these beautiful stars of the late eighties.

Justine: A Matter of Innocence

Justine (Hillary Summers), just having graduated from a French finishing school, decides to go live with her rich uncle (Ashley Moore). She is charming and sweet, but her uncle is scandalous and wanton. Justine happens one day to enter her uncle's bathroom and discovers him with his mistress. This utterly shocks the innocent Justine, and she runs frightened to her bedroom. The image of the sexual encounter burns in her mind, however, and she begins to have lusty sex-filled dreams of her own. For the bulk of the film Justine is a virgin with explicit fantasies. In the end, however, she strategically moves from fantasy to reality.

Night Temptress

Trying to shed the Spielberg-look of their past two ventures, directors Ferrand and Davy stay a little bit closer to this time zone with The Night Temptress. Well, maybe even that's a matter of interpretation. Mistress Jacqueline, who can usually be found in some bondage-submission dungeon, is called upon to do something a little more mainstream. Here, she plays a sort of female Rod Serling-Tinkerbell. With soft, caressing voiceovers and cute insert shots revealing her dimples, pearl drops smile and chandelier-sized earrings, Jacqueline plays a creature who inhabits our repressed sexual dreams and comments in a kind of poetry best found in volumes of Lord Byron and Keats. Sharon Kane plays a frustrated housewife (is there any other kind?) who's about to confront the powers of Jacqueline. Kane, married to wham-bam hubby Jesse Eastern, is looking to clean the sexual corrosion off her battery poles. Jacqueline allows her to cut loose, thus setting up some pretty weird segments with nosey neighbor Lee Caroll. Eastern with Lynn Lemay, and the compulsory orgy sequence. The Lemay scene begs for comment since Eastern takes a monumental career risk by donning garter belt, stockings an women's makeup to establish the truly kinky side of Kane's fantasies (she's imagining Jesse doing a role reversal with "hooker" Lemay). The last time I saw something like this was actor Richard Goldstone in Alex de Renzy's Passions. I think Goldstone is working as a night watchman in a spittoon factory these days. Hope Jesse has his money in CD's – but he's great in what the scene calls for, nonetheless. Creatively and sexually, The Night Temptress is everything you've come to expect from Pure Class Productions. First rate video making all the way and a fascinating mix or romance and high voltage kink. Stores should support this big budget, worthy sexvid.

Schlaflosen Nachten

Stunning Helga Sven plays a bored housewife whose dark and twisted sexual fantasies won't let her relax at night. While her unknowing husband is peacefully relaxing beside her she's tossing and turning in her bed, obsessed with her raunchy visions that feel so real. The only person she can confide in is her best friend, who enjoys listening to those sexy and arousing stories of lust and desire that involve lesbian sex, role games, sex with strangers and so much more...

Love And The Great Grunt

Although not a particularly great film, it does show off Uschi Digard and her great body for a goodly portion. Uschi purchases a haunted mirror that she is told has the effect of making one's inhibitions disappear and their dreams and fantasies come true whenever they gaze into it. There are four separate episodes in which Uschi (or others) gaze into the mirror and lose their inhibitions - and clothes. The first involves a balding TV repairman, the second some lesbian poll takers, the third some friends of hers and the final episode concerns a burglar and a cop.


Crystal Wilder stars as a psychologist who has her patients realize their sexual fantasies by having them talk through it. But, she didn't realize how hearing their sexual fantasies would affect her own. If you can dream it, she can be it. You're wildest erotic dreams and fantasies can come to life in Erotica. These women have nothing to lose and will do what ever you want to get off. Inside or outside...alone or in a group. What are your darkest desires you want to explore?


Jeannie Pepper plays a stressed-out writer who decided to escape to the country and spend three days all by herself, relaxing and reading and soaking up the sun by the pool. But she can't stop thinking of the characters of her latest book, and she has visions that feel so real. In these visions her dirtiest fantasies come true, and she has wild sex with every character of her book. Passionate blowjobs, heated lesbian action, incredible group sex and mysterious sex rituals... Yielding to temptation feels so sweet and exciting, but what happens when you don't know what is real anymore?


A German car wash and mechanic store is a place where horny teen girls come to play out their fantasies with handsome handyman. Vintage classic from the beginning of the nineties, Mosenpower features some of the most beautiful girls of their time, in a succesion of amazing group scenes and threesomes, followed by hot lesbian pussy eating and passionate cum eating.

Girls Gone Bad 1

The Icy Beauty Warden Sharon Kane runs the California halfway house for girls to suit her own sexual fantasies. Life can be easy here or life can be a living hell depending on how far a girl is willing to go to stay out of "the cage". Alone and scared, shut up in a prison run by dykes, the girls have only one another to turn to.

Fashion Fantasies

It's only a dress -- but when women put it on, even the most plain Jane is transformed into a voluptuous sex goddess. Clare, a nubile clothes collector, tries on the garment and gets some help taking it off from her horny "handyman." When she sells it to a used clothing store, the female owners try it on for size -- both of them, at the same time, in a lusty lesbian coupling. A well-hung shopper interrupts and is introduced to their unique "layaway" plan. Before long, the dress livens up the kinky affairs of a rich vixen, and ultimately becomes the star attraction at a hot yuppie orgy.

The Seduction of Mary

Victoria Paris is a high-powered entertainment executive with a new client, an erotic novelist named Marshall Soloman. At first, her relationship with the author is all business, but soon Marshall's written fantasies become reality as Victoria falls for the writer's charismatic sexuality, in more ways than one!

House of Blue Dreams

Nina Hartley brings on the passion in this classic flick filled with beautiful women pleasuring themselves, room filled orgies that seems to be never ending, one on one hot sex with the hottest porn stars on the planet and lesbian fantasies cum to life.

Das geheime Leben des Nina Hartley

Gorgeous Nina Hartley plays a shy and humble office girl who has to deal with her nasty collegues, rush jobs and demanding boss on a daily basis. As for her personal life, it's a total disaster as well. But everything's different in Nina's wonderful world of fantasies where she is a self-assured and dominant woman who always gets what she wants. She punishes her collegues by making them have lesbian sex with a strapon, she has sex with a hot stranger right in a crowded bar, she fucks both men and women, and her lovers always obey her orders. Will Nina find a way to fulfill her fantasies in real life? Watch this super hot vintage porn movie to find out!

Telefono Rosso

One of the greatest flicks of the gorgeous Cicciolina, "Telefono Rosso" is an erotic excursion into the exciting world of sexual fantasies. Cicciolina plays an insatible girl who is always willing to play along with the fantasies of any man who calls her, and her huge assortment of sex toys is always at her disposal. However, merely talking and masturbating isn't enough to satisfy her lust, so she carelessly plunges into risky sex adventures. "Telefono Rosso" is full of totally unforgettable scenes including anal sex, lesbian play, public sex and an absolutely stunning scene with a snake.

Educating Nina

Nina Hartley shines in this romp, one of her very first porn appearances. She's in prime form as a scrumptious acting student who has an interesting idea for her senior project. Nina is writing a thesis on the effect of fantasy on one's sex life, so she proposes a live show in which she and her fellow thespians will act out frantic fantasies submitted by her audience. And what a show it turns out to be! Nina sizzles through the first couple of sexy segments, trysting with Karen Summer in an early morning lesbian liaison, then hooking up with male stripped Billy Dee in a searing interracial grind. Lili Marlene stars in the next ribald romp, taking on a pair of swarthy studs while her husband looks on. Karen Summer's back for more in the fourth scene, picking up a jogger and taking him to her health club locker room for some erotic exercise. Finally, Juliet Anderson and Lili team up on yet another lucky stiff, this time in a sweltering phone sex sizzler. Each scene smokes, but it's Nina who really steals the show. Her youthful curves, vivacious good nature and excitable enthusiasm drive her scenes through the roof and show just why she was destined to be one of porn's all-time leading lights.

Black Jack City 4

Black Jack City is back once again, this time everyone trying to get a piece of that pu-tang pie! From crazy spanish chicks sucking and fucking cock till they can't take anymore to steamy interracial lesbian sex, Black Jack City 4 has everything you need to fulfill your hood fantasies!

Diakopes Kai Party Me Ouza

This Greek vintage porn movie starts with a sensual and fervent lesbian sex scene with two stunning girls, a blonde and a brunette. They are best friends who have no privates from each other and who share all of their fantasies and sexual adventures. The two hotties even do not hesitate to share their sex partners! Watch them plunge into the tempting world of carnal pleasures, insatiable lust and endless orgasms!

Sexual Fantasies

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Erotic World of Sylvia Benedict

VCR's Erotic World Series is a specialty video line, exclusively highlighting the featured stars, in this case Sylvia Benedict, most hushed fantasies, sexual dreams, and sensual sexcapades, the most assuredly boasts the screen's wickedest women in rare form! Join Sylvia Benedict in her erotic world.

Dolly Buster - Brain Storm

Sometimes the world is upside and fantasy and reality mingle. Like lightning Dolly then shoot the hottest images from her mind’s eye, and if they hoped the fresh air improvement of their merciless horny sex fantasies, it will only get worse. Strangers that they encounter sees them fucking.

Double Whammy

As the title suggests, "Double Whammy" is all about double penetration. Meet the sexy and lustful boss of a mighty corporation. Her legend of success? She's always sexually satisfied, and all of her male employess work hard to keep their horny boss happy. This cock-hungry blonde needs at least two cocks to feel great, so going for double penetration right on her desc is her daily routine... Meet a shy girl who secretly dreams of having group sex, but never has the courage to make her fantasy come true. One day she shares her fantasies with a doctor, and he makes them real. Watch the shy brunette discover the pleasures of anal fucking and even DP. If this isn't enough to totally blow you away, "Double Whammy" has something else to offer! Enjoy the incredible lesbian threesome featuring super hot sex toy play!


Watch the Princess of Prey in 8 scorching scenarios! See as she floats by the pool letting you in on her favorite fantasies and scenes. This dark-haired beauty is sure to have you wishing for days of Fawcett flips and hot pants. Raven is the ultimate bird of prey and she wants your man meat for dinner!

Ive Never Done This Before

Nina Hartley stars in this classic '80 flick that tells the tale of a rich family filled with desire and overflowing with horniness. The fantasies, the realities, it all comes together in a gorgeous fuck fest marathon, from a mechanic to a dildo salesman with hundreds of patents, from solo orgasms to teen threesomes and incredible lesbian scenes, I've Never Done This Before is a genuine sexual joy for any vintage movie fan.

Aerobisex Girls 2

The Aerobisex girls are on the loose again...they are hot on the trail, or should we say tail? This is an all girl adventure that will curl the hairs around you know where...and singe them with searing heat! The visions in this video are deep reality sprinkled with fantasies of pure outright lust!

Fantasies Unlimited

...The story centers on a virtual reality phone-sex service, although the term "virtual reality" had not been coined when this film was made. (The system goes on the blink during Christy's scene, causing her to disappear.) If the action here is hit-or-miss, at least there is a fair amount of it. Tamara Longley and Harry Reems are a couple who know how to get down and dirty. Jade Nichols doesn't look like she's faking anything in her scene with Peter North. Summer Rose takes a pretty good turn with Blake Palmer. And Stevie Taylor will appeal to those who like women with a little meat on their bones.

Nackt und kess am Konigssee

The 'Königssee' is a beautiful lake located in Bavaria and surrounded by high mountains. Looking back at the history of the Bavarians, the narrator starts introducing Toni, the poacher, and his wife Marein to us. After Toni has said good-bye to her she's visited by Franz, the host's son with whom she will have sex later. The story continues on a quiet sunday morning. After church Zenzi, the chambermaid of the guesthouse, meets her boyfriend, a farm worker, in a stable. They have fast sex which leaves her really disappointed. Meanwhile the male inhabitants have gathered in the guesthouse as a stranger appears. MacFitz is wearing a kilt and turns out to be a Scotsman. He then rents a room for the night. At night he's visited by Resie, the waitress, but he refuses sex with her. After he has hidden in a wardrobe she lays down in his bed to finger her clit. When she's ready she reaches for a book which belongs to him. It must be some kind of diary from which she learns that he is searching for a private herb which will cure him of his impotence. The news spreads fast among the natives and everybody tries to find out where the herb grows. The following sex scenes seem to be just fantasies: Ernie (the host's wife) has lesbian sex with Zenzi and the mayor bangs Ernie. The host himself seduces his chambermaid Resie. After she has milked his cock between her huge tits MacFitz takes over immediately. He has obviously overcome his crisis and spurts huge loads on her back. MacFitz knows that a private map is hidden in the wall of the city hall. At night he goes there but is disturbed various times. The mayor finds him takes the map away. Next morning MacFitz is found by the crowd and tells them what has happened. They follow the mayor to Toni's farm which is the only place where the herb grows. In the end we get a great showdown between Toni, who has been caught in the act, and the rest of the pack.